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Timber Frame Porch–Complete

new outside light

Installation of an Arts & Crafts-inspired light finishes up the porch project.


12 housed mortise and tenons,
12 bird’s mouth joints, and
66 lap joints
later, I finished up the porch build by installing an Arts & Crafts-inspired light. Follow the links for details on the design and build.

Ridge Cap
Ridge Beam & Rafters
Mortise & Tenon

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Vintage Hall Light

An early 20th Century lamp.

An early 20th Century lamp.

We managed a quick getaway to Fed-On Lights in Saugerties, NY while we were upstate over the holidays where we picked up a new light to replace the generically “period” lamp from Lowe’s I’d installed shortly after we moved in. Installation was complicated by an unusually sized base and an adapter bar that didn’t fit the base. A little modification of the bar and some angled screws and I was able to get it in using my basic electrical kit.

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We keep buying lamps and fixtures before I can build some, but some day I’d like to take a crack using the plans in John D. Adams’ How to Make Mission Style Lamps and Shades and Wood Magazine’s Arts and Crafts Furniture as a starting point.