Monthly Archives: June 2015

Books in the Wild

books at Powell's

I was happy to see both my books on the shelf at Powell’s.

A trip to Portland this weekend meant we could admire the Craftsman homes in Hawthorne and browse for books at Powell’s. There’s been some substantial rearrangement since we were there last, but I was able to find the woodworking section eventually and was pleased to see my books on Limbert Furniture and Mid-Century Modern furniture on the shelf.

Limbert Settle

Limbert settle

An early Limbert drop-arm settle showing a Voysey influence with the cutout slats.

One of the benefits of attending the Arts & Crafts conference at the Grove Park Inn earlier this year was being able to see a lot of period furniture in person. Although I wrote a book on Limbert’s furniture, I haven’t had the opportunity to see much of it in the wild, a deficit I was able to close at the Grove Park Inn. The Inn itself features a fair amount of Limbert, and there were some fine pieces offered for sale in the dealers’ room, including this early settle.