Monthly Archives: January 2015

Mid-Century Room Divider–Finished

Mid-Century Modern display case

Call it a room divider or call it a display case, this piece has a delightful asymmetry.

Many dadoes and a few miters later, I finished the Mid-Century room divider. Oil, a few coats of shellac and some paste wax finish things off. Despite a frustrating assembly, the end result is fairly pleasing, and the basic concept–a case captured by two leg assemblies and divided by an asymmetrical grid of dividers–suggests possibilities for variations on the design.

Original Exterior Finish Revealed

stained shingle

Flaking paint revealed the original finish coat for exterior shingles–it looks to be a green stain.

I took advantage of some unseasonably warm (and dry) weather to touch up some exterior paint. As part of my prep, I scraped patches of loose paint, revealing what looks to be the original finish–a green stain. So it looks like the clapboard was painted green and the shingles stained. Not an unusual approach for the period.